Sikelan QD128Y11G Refrigeration Compressor 1/3-HP 901BTU 110-120V R600a LBP


Sikelan QD128Y11G Refrigeration Compressor 1/3-HP 901BTU 110-120V R600a LBP. Low Back Pressure (LBP). 0C(32F) – 806w – 2750btu. -5C(23F) – 645w – 2201btu. -10C(10F) – 516w – 1761btu. -15C(5F) – 413w – 1409btu. -20C(-4F) – 330w – 1126btu. -25C(-13F) – 203w – 693btu. -30C(-22F) – 156w – 532btu. Brand New compressor! Suitable for replacement on water dispenser, small refrigerator, small freezer, wine cellar and other small cooling appliances. Choose right compressor size and gas, Send me a message if you need help with that! Features 1/3- hp Displacement 12.8cc From 120W to 806W Cooling (409 to 2750BTUs) ASHRAE : 264 w – 901btu 110-120VAC 50- 60Hz R600A Low Back Pressure (LBP) Starting Relay (PTC) Motor Type RSCR Includes electricals, grommets and sleeves. UL certified Cooling capacity ASHRAE -35C (-31F) – 120w – 409btu -30C(-22F) – 156w – 532btu -25C(-13F) – 203w – 693btu -23.3C(-10F) – 264w – 901btu – input power 182W – current 2.05 Amps – COP 1.450 – EER 4.95 -20C(-4F) – 330w – 1126btu -15C(5F) – 413w – 1409btu -10C(10F) – 516w – 1761btu -5C(23F) – 645w – 2201btu 0C(32F) – 806w – 2750btu ——————————————————————————————– I always carefully pack items with care to avoid damage during shipping. If item is undeliverable because of buyer’s wrong, refused, unreclamed or incomplete address. Buyer pays return shipping cost to Seller (Both Original Shipping AND RETURN SHIPPING). Buyer is reponsible for his import charges and fees if occurs. Feel free to contact me for any questions! Thanks

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