3M Timing Belt Pulleys Bore 4 to 22mm 12T-60T for 10mm wide Belts CNC 3D Printer


3M Timing Belt Pulleys Bore 4 to 22mm 12T-60T for 10mm wide Belts CNC 3D Printer. 12T£¬14T£¬15T£¬16T£¬17T£¬18T£¬19T£¬20T£¬22T£¬24T£¬25T£¬26T£¬28T£¬30T£¬32T£¬35T£¬36T£¬38T£¬40T£¬44T£¬45T£¬48T£¬50T£¬55T£¬60T. HTD 3M Timing Belt Pulley, for 10mm Wide, Bore 4-22mm, 12-60T, CNC, 3D Printer. ¡ñ Bore Size £º. – HTD-3M Timing Belt £¨ Belt tooth shape: Arc ; Pitch: 3mm£©. HTD 3M Timing Belt Pulley, for 10mm Wide, Bore 4-22mm, 12-60T, CNC, 3D Printer 1. The product is made of high quality material, safe, durable, stable and reliable in transmission, high efficiency, long life and easy maintenance, low maintenance cost; 2. It is widely used in various types of mechanical transmission in various industries such as textiles, machine tools, tobacco, communication cables, light industry, chemical industry, metallurgy, instrumentation, food, mining, petroleum, automobiles, CNC, 3D printers, etc. 3. The external dimensions may vary according to the production batch, and the actual dimensions shall prevail. Please understand. ¡ñ Styles£ºwith through hole£¬Double-sided flat, Without steps. ¡ñ Main material: Aluminum alloy, (Capped edge: iron plated zinc). ¡ñ Suitable for Timing Belt Model: – HTD-3M Timing Belt £¨ Belt tooth shape: Arc ; Pitch: 3mm£© ¡ñ Suitable for Timing Belt Width£º10 mm ¡ñ Number of Teeth£º 12T£¬14T£¬15T£¬16T£¬17T£¬18T£¬19T£¬20T£¬22T£¬24T£¬25T£¬26T£¬28T£¬30T£¬32T£¬35T£¬36T£¬38T£¬40T£¬44T£¬45T£¬48T£¬50T£¬55T£¬60T ¡ñ Bore Size £º 4 mm£¬5 mm£¬6 mm£¬6.35 mm£¬8 mm£¬7 mm£¬10 mm£¬12 mm£¬14 mm£¬11 mm£¬12.7 mm£¬15 mm£¬16 mm£¬17 mm£¬18 mm£¬19 mm£¬20 mm£¬22 mm ¡ñ Fixing grub screw : M3*2 or M4*2 or M5*2 (Free gift) , Special: For Pulley with more than 30 teeth and less than 8mm bore, the screw is M4. ¡ñ You can find more transmission products in different material, type, color , sizes and shapes in our shop£¡If you need them, please contact us. We also accept customization. ¡ñ Note: – Please allow minor errors due to manual measurement. Thank you for your comprehension. – Monitors are not calibrated, the element color shown in the photos may differ slightly from the real object. Please take the real one as standard. Package included : 1Pcs x Timing Belt Pulley (Does not include timing belt.) Shipping : We only accept your Ebay Address,Please Make sure it’s 100% right. The items you ordered will be shipped out in 1 business day by Air Mail when your payment is clear. Return Policy: If you are not satisfied with the item, please contact with us. We will offer Full Refund to you when we receive your returned item. Any problem, please feel free to contact with us. Feedback: If you are satisfied with the products,I expect you can leave us a positive feedback. If you have any problem or be not satisfied with them,please feel free to contact us,we will reply you within 24 hours. Contact US: We care about our valued buyers, if you have any questions, our Customer Service staffs will be very glad to help you. We try our best to reply to your emails as soon as possible, however, due to high volume of daily incoming emails and time zone difference, we may not be able to reply your emails immediately. Please allow 24 business hours for us to response. About item:For the functional products in our shop, we make sure that the functions are the same as description, but the actual color and shape may looks a little different from pictures because of the technical improvement and manufacturing variance. Please be advised before you bid.

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